We visit izakaya in Thailand billed as “Middle Aged Man’s Paradise”, try food that’s illegal in Japan

Luckily our reporter lived to explain to the tale.

If we had to say one particular point about our Japanese language reporter Ikuna Kamezawa, it’s that she loves to travel. If we experienced to say just one far more issue about Ikuna, it is that she loves finding Japanese dining establishments in other nations around the world. Whether it’s French ramen or Indian sushi, Ikuna is often satisfied to chow down on other countries’ requires on Japanese delicacies.

Her the latest travels took her to the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, although you may be forgiven for at first pondering Ikuna was however somewhere in Japan, given the quantity of signals penned in Japanese in this photo. In fact, a thing Ikuna finds particularly charming about Bangkok is the abundance of Japanese indications out and about, which at moments helps make her feel like she’s travelling someplace nearer to property, like Okinawa.

But amongst all the Japanese dining places dotting the streets of Thailand, Ikuna identified 1 place that managed to ‘out-Japanese’ all the rest so considerably so that it felt like an individual had teleported it instantly from the middle of Osaka.

Ikuna had observed an izakaya, a Japanese conventional pub. It’s named Ganso Kushikatsu Ebisu Shoten and has a substantial neon sign proclaiming the area “a paradise for the prevalent gentleman“. Far more exclusively, the expression utilised for ‘man’ is ‘ossan‘, but ‘paradise for the middle-aged-and-somewhat-uncool-common-man’ is not really as punchy in English.

The pub specialises in kushikatsu, delightful deep-fried sticks of pretty a great deal something tasty. And even though Ikuna was decidedly not an ossan, she couldn’t say no to a place of kushikatsu, and resolved to examine it out.

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It turned out this location is a paradise for ossan and non-ossan alike, as the restaurant was totally packed! By some stroke of luck, Ikuna was able to be seated promptly, but this was a person of her very first ordeals in an izakaya unaccompanied. Izakaya pubs are typically a position to relax with some drinks and share a couple of nibbles with pals, and Ikuna was a very little worried folks may well decide her for becoming there by herself. But as she seemed all over, she noticed that she was not the only solo diner there that night time. In fact, there have been a ton of previous guys there by by themselves, whom Ikuna suspected were Japanese ossan dwelling in Thailand.

Ikuna was prepared to order, and she was handed a variety written totally in Japanese. The menu for matters offered to deep-fry integrated shrimp, fish, shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, pumpkin and, unusually, preferred Japanese sweet Yukimi Daifuku.

There was also an a la carte menu with sashimi, pickles, sushi, curry, hot pots, soba noodles…

… and rice dishes and tempura ended up also out there to get.

To get matters started off, Ikuna requested the seared mackerel, which charge 148 baht (US$4.20). Even though there is an graphic of meals in Thailand currently being quite inexpensive, this was about the same price you’d anticipate to pay for seared mackerel in Japan. It wasn’t just the selling price that resembled that of Ikuna’s house nation, though, but the taste also, as the dish tasted tasty, just as superior as she’d expect it to in a cafe in Japan!

Of system, no excursion to the izakaya is entire devoid of a cheeky beer or two, and luckily the Thai izakaya has Asahi Tremendous Dry on tap. A person glass charge 135 baht (US$3.84) — again, about what you’d assume to spend in Japan.

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Following up were the kushikatsu. They were deep-fried to perfection, and seemed unquestionably divine.

They didn’t just search good, even though they tasted remarkable, far too. In reality, Ikuna considered they tasted far better than what most kushikatsu dining places provide again in Japan.

It wasn’t just the kushikatsu that was fantastic, both. Osaka’s popular tonpeiyaki (okonomiyaki with grilled pork) tasted just like it does in Japan. Whilst soy sauce is out there pretty much everywhere in the world, okonomiyaki sauce isn’t as simple to get your hands on outside the house of Japan.

But in fact, there is a specified menu on the item that Ikuna experienced arrive in specially to attempt. The ‘forbidden’ dish on the menu. So forbidden is this dish that it was really banned from being served in restaurants in Japan back in 2012, following it was deemed unsafe due to the probable possibility of E. coli. But in Thailand, a amount of restaurants are still serving it, including the izakaya Ikuna was in.

The dish in issue is…

Liver sashimi – 98 Baht (US$2.78)

Liver sashimi, exclusively uncooked cow liver, cannot be bought at dining establishments in Japan by legislation, but it was a really common dish with salarymen back again in the working day. If you have been lacking the delicious, raw style of raw beef liver, this pub may well be the best put for you — just be informed of the opportunity wellbeing challenges.

▼ Uncooked egg with rice – 68 baht (US$1.93)

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As well as uncooked liver sashimi, the restaurant also presents rice with a raw egg on major. These a dish is commonplace in Japan, but in some other nations feeding on a uncooked egg is completely unthinkable. Ikuna was quite astonished that she was able to take in raw egg in a tropical state like Thailand, and obtained so enthusiastic that she ended up undertaking what most individuals do when they stop by an izakaya, and bought fairly tipsy.

All in all, Ganso Kushikatsu Ebisu Shoten was like a tiny piece of Japan right in the heart of Bangkok. Even as she looked about, about 70 percent of the customers in the izakaya that working day were from Japan, and the space was filled with men and women chatting happily in Japanese. Ikuna suspected about fifty percent of the Japanese buyers were being people who lived in Thailand, and for all those lacking dwelling-place grub, this izakaya need to be, as the indicator outside the house claimed, a paradise for them.

If you’re in Bangkok and are craving for some respectable Japanese food items, verify out Ganso Kushikatsu Ebisu Shoten. If the pub is total to the brim with ossan and does not have any obtainable seats, though, this philosophical Japanese restaurant situated close by may possibly have a desk or two absolutely free.

Cafe details
Ganso Kushikatsu Ebisu Shoten
Address: 12, 14-16 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Klongtan, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Open up 11:30 a.m – midnight

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